Parsons Middle School Offers Support Programs to Staff and Parents

Professional Development
The current district priority for professional development time is to align the curriculum from Prekindergarten through the High School.An on-line resource is being used to organize curriculum for all grades in one location.Teachers also take advantage of outside workshops relevant to their career goals.

Student Progress and Instructional Planning/Grade Level Team Meetings
Each grade level has weekly staff meetings to review strengths and supports for all students.This is also a time when staff can meet with students and/or parents. Planning for activities and awards assemblies happens during these sessions.

Department Meetings
PMS has scheduled time once a week for staff of each department to collaborate.These sessions include content planning, curriculum alignment, updates on Kansas Assessments and professional learning activities.

Leadership Team
Staff representatives for each grade level, core content areas, and the elective classes meet weekly with Mr. Smith to receive information to be passed on during team meetings.This group is a link between staff and administration to facilitate staff input targeted to making PMS a great place to learn for all students.

Infinite Campus –  Parent/Student Infinite Campus Sign In
The Parsons School District and Parsons Middle School are committed to providing parents with the information they need to help their students be successful. Parents may establish an account for the Infinite Campus Parent Portal and be able to access attendance, schedule, grades, and other information about all the students in their family. The Infinite Campus data system is a powerful tool to assist parents and teachers to work together for student success.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher conferences are scheduled during the first and third quarters. Pupil progress is determined each quarter through an assessment of individual growth & progress and is indicated on reports to parents. While parents are always encouraged to confer with teachers concerning pupil progress, a framework for conferences has been established to insure two-way discussion of your child's progress.

Parent Teacher Organization
PTO seeks parents and guardians input into school activities. PTO is involved with student activities in several ways, including fundraising events and helping plan Action 8 for the 8th graders. We also help fund activities like assessment rewards, and other fun activities that need a little help. PTO invites parents to get involved in whatever way they can with ideas, filling a PTO officer's position, attending meetings to help make decisions, or volunteering to help with activities.

Site Council

Parsons Middle School site council is composed of the principal, teachers and other school personnel, parents of pupils attending the school, the business community, and other community groups. It is responsible for providing advice and counsel in evaluating school site performance goals and objectives. The Site Council meetings are open to all parents and patrons.