Information about student support courses and programs available to help students learn is listed below. Please select the links to learn more.

Support Classes for Math and Reading

Support classes provide students additional instruction based on diagnostic testing to raise their achievement level.

Intervention Groups

Math and reading staff target students with specific needs to receive additional learning time during EXPO (12:49 – 1:29). These groups change weekly and are based on academic data.

Zeros Aren’t Possible (ZAP)

Through experience, the staff at PMS has learned that a good number of our students will take a failing grade over doing work to earn a grade. We all know real life does not lead to success by choosing the easy way out, avoiding work, or being satisfied with failure. For this reason, we have created ZAP. ZAP is an extra class period at the end of the school day that students are assigned to for not completing work by the deadlines assigned in each of our classrooms. Students with an Incomplete, or (I), in their grade book for any class will be assigned to ZAP until work is completed.

Extended Learning Program (ELP)

Parsons Middle School provides an Extended Learning Program for students who have been identified as eligible for gifted services. A student must be found eligible to participate in the gifted education program. Once a student is identified as having the characteristics of giftedness and displays needs that can't be met in the regular education classroom, an individualized program may be developed.

Parsons Middle School’s Extended Learning Program is for qualifying students identified as gifted. These services are provided through Tri-County Special Education Coop because in Kansas, Extended Learning is part of Special Education and follows those procedures. The program offers ELP students an opportunity to become independent learners who recognize their potential and responsibilities. This program provides individual and group experiences based on the student’s interests and skills.

The USD 503 Gifted Education Program will provide a rich array of gifted education services and opportunities for students identified as gifted by meeting the following objectives.

  • provide for the cognitive and academic development through challenging learning experiences;
  • provide opportunities for students to pursue individual interests and develop talents;
  • provide support for the social and emotional needs of gifted students.

Kansas State statute and regulations require Special Education services be provided through the development and implementation of individualized education programs (IEP’s) for eligible students identified as meeting the definition of gifted and because of their giftedness, need specialized instruction to ensure access and progress within the general education curriculum.

Kansas State Definition of Giftedness:
JAR 91-40-1 (cc): Gifted means performing and demonstrating the potential for performing at significantly higher levels of accomplishment in one or more academic fields due to intellectual ability, when compared to others of similar age, experience, or environment.

Functional Classroom
The Functional Classroom at Parsons Middle School is a combined Middle School/High School class. Students enrolled in this class must be taking the Dynamic Learning Maps alternate assessment as indicated on their Individualized Education Plan. Currently they utilize a classroom at Parsons High School for their core academics, while focusing on the Common Core Essential Elements. They also spend part of their day at Parsons Middle School where they work on pre-vocational skills and daily living skills. The students start out in middle school by having various jobs in the classroom and around the building. Students also have access to Viking Workshop at the Middle School. This is an industrial arts type class where the students make a variety of wood projects for themselves, as well as, projects they sell to others.

EXPO – Daily 2:45 – 3:15
Many of our staff members have talents and experiences that life has taught them. Those abilities aren’t always exposed in the curricular offerings, but are productive and creative skills that could benefit students, examples are: rope making, speed walking, rocketry, and weight lifting. These 40 minute sessions also allow teachers time to collaborate and plan.