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Parsons Middle School offers many sports programs to students in seventh and eighth grade. Good sportsmanship at all athletic events and school-sponsored activities is the responsibility of every student and fan in attendance. Parsons Middle School is an active member of the KSHSAA and supports the guidelines on sportsmanship as outlined under rule 52 in the Association Handbook. “Make good sportsmanship a part of your game."

Annual School Play/Musical
Parsons Middle School offers students the opportunity to be in a musical or play every year. The rehearsals/performance usually takes place during the 3rd quarter. The play/musical is a part of the after school program, and we rehearse during that time. Past performances include: 10 Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse, School House Rock LIVE!, Ever After, Honk, Annie Jr., Honk!, and Music Man Jr.

Scholar Bowl
Scholar's Bowl students at Parsons Middle School are an academic competition team that travels to area schools to compete against other teams to answer questions over topics covered in Middle School. The subjects include social science, science, math, language arts, literature, fine arts, sports and current events. There is usually an "A" team and a "B" team, with each team consisting of four competitors and an alternate. A moderator reads the questions, and the team that buzzes in first with the correct answer on their buzzer system is awarded points. At the end of a round of questions teams rotate to compete with the other teams at the tournament. Big tournaments have final rounds, where the top teams compete for placing. Top finishers usually receive medals for their efforts.

Field Trips
Students attending Parsons Middle School have opportunities to go on field trips. Each grade level team plans the field trip for their grade. The Sixth Grade Team takes 6th grade students to the Parsons Recreation Center (Arvon Phillips) before winter break to recognize their academic achievement and positive behavior where students participate in various activities. The Seventh Grade Team uses field trips to reward students for their good grades and good behavior by taking students on a trip outside of Southeast Kansas. Destinations are chosen to emphasize learning. The Eight Grade Team takes students on field trips for their academic success and for demonstrating good behavior. Field trip destinations are chosen to enhance learning.

Student Council
Student Council is open to all students. As a group, members plan activities for the school. Some of these activities include Spirit Week, pep assemblies, Halloween Teacher Contest, Turkey Sales, Winter holiday activities, Valentine candy sales, and the All School Talent Show.

Newspaper Staff and Yearbook Staff - Viking Pride Newspaper
Students successfully completing the Keyboarding class may enroll in Advanced Keyboarding. This class produces the school's newspaper and yearbook, and designs all locker posters for various sports offered at our school. Also, students in Advanced Keyboarding develop a business and produce an assortment of documents and Excel activities based on their business.

Spelling Bee – Spelling Bee Information
Parsons Middle School is fortunate enough to not only offer a school spelling bee, but also be the host of the county spelling bee. Near the beginning of the year (late September or October) students interested, sign up for the school spelling bee that will take place in January. These students practice in a spelling club environment to help them prepare for the school and county spelling bee and to build comradery with each other. The group meets once or twice a week. At the school spelling bee, a champion and alternate is decided. Both will be invited to attend the county spelling bee but only the champion will compete. In the past, seven to ten other schools have competed in the county spelling bee usually held in February. The winner of the county spelling bee will then continue on to the STATE spelling competition.

Student Clubs
Parsons Middle School offers Chess Club, Robotics Club, Fishing Club, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes for students. Click the links above for more information.