Parsons Middle School provides access to technology to aid staff in student instruction and students in learning. For more information read below.

SMART Boards - Click here for more information
SMART Board interactive whiteboards are used in many classrooms to help improve learning outcomes. They combine "the simplicity of a whiteboard with the power of a computer, the SMART Board interactive whiteboard lets teachers deliver dynamic lessons, write notes in digital ink and save their work – all with the simple touch of a finger."* *from smarttech.com/smartboard

ELMO Document Cameras
- Click here for more information
ELMO document cameras are used in most classrooms to present lessons to students. “ELMO Classroom Solutions comprise technologies that ELMO has developed to facilitate teachers and students alike in the four-step teaching process [Present, Instruct, Assess, and Interact]. [ELMO Classroom Solutions] help teachers to effectively convey the essence of their lessons while allowing them more time to reinforce key points. [ELMO Classroom Solutions] improve students’ concentration and comprehension so that they can realize the joy of learning and perform better academically."* *from http://www.elmousa.com/about-us

Mobile Computer Labs

Parsons Middle School has four mobile computer carts with 30 Lenovo laptops in each cart. These carts can be moved to classrooms to provide online learning access in the classroom.

Keyboarding Lab
Parsons Middle School has a Keyboarding Lab with 24 Dell desktop computers for keyboarding class, keyboarding practice, and online access.

Multimedia Lab

Parsons Middle School has a Multimedia Lab with 20 Dell desktop computers for multimedia, computer applications, and photography class and online access.

Library/Media Center - Parsons Middle School Library/Media Center
Parsons Middle School has a Library/Media Center with 10 Lenovo desktop computers to access the library’s online card catalog and for other online access.

Resource Lab
Parsons Middle School has a resource lab with 10 Dell desktop computers for research and online access.

iPad Carts
Parsons Middle School has one iPad cart with 24 iPads providing students with a variety of online access and experiences with technology.